The LostWinchesterChild, I'm the fourth Winchester

Probably gonna delete my tumblr. What good is it if I can’t use GIFs to show what I’m feeling

I believe Mr. Micky Dolenz has the right Idea… Night all!


Don’t worry Chris, that’s normal

Well, I think I learned a valuable lesson.

One of my life rules thanks to Supernatural lol


AU: Castiel as the Doctor (inspired by this)

I’m done this is epic

OMG! I can’t even I just can’t

Reblog if HE was your first Doctor:
Natasha and I my bestie ever!

Natasha and I my bestie ever!


Everyone who reblogs this, I will go through your posts. And then I will put a description in your ask box of who I think you are, where you are from, what you want to be become etc. all based on YOUR blog and YOUR posts. And I do mean EVERYONE.



where’s Lucy? ¬¬